Pete Salvador

Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

The thought of an homage to Steely Dan is a musician’s dream gig. The perfection and grace of the Steely Dan catalog is like combining the best jazz, R&B, funk and rock.  Throw in a healthy dose of ironic lyrics quite often tinged with a detached perspective…suddenly…you’ve got a movie or “Monkey In Your Soul”.  This is what keeps me glued to the works of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker…vivid imagery coupled with near-perfect musical ideas.  Recreating epic “headphone music” in a live environment offers me a thrill that can’t be bought.

Kat Robinson

Vocals, Percussion

Music brings me such joy! It has always been a major part of my life and for that I have my father to thank. For as long as I can remember he would blast classic rock, blues, R&B, jazz, funk, etc. and play a game we call ‘Music Trivia’ with my brothers and sisters. He would drill us about the songs, the artists, type of music, the lyrics and their meanings. This vastly broadened my music knowledge and built-up my love of expression via sound. I find myself most fulfilled expressing myself through music, whether it be through dancing, signing along, jamming out on my ukulele, or creating my own music playlist to play ‘Music Trivia’ with my friends. The unique, story-telling lyrics of Steely Dan paired with fun funk-jazz, killer guitar trills, and powerful horns keeps me on the edge of my seat for more. I’m beyond honored and ecstatic to be apart of Citizen Dan!

Robin Lucas

Vocals, Percussion

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and received a Bachelor of Music degree with a performance major in classical guitar from the Cleveland Institute of Music.  Back up singing has always been a wish to pursue, and Citizen Dan has fulfilled that wish!  It has been a joy to be in a band of such talented singers and musicians. And it is so much fun to play for Steely Dan fans, they are the best!  Along with Citizen Dan, I currently play electric guitar and back up sing in an all original indie rock band, Soft Skulls.  Past bands include prog rock band, Fever Dream.

Jim “Doc” Brady


An Emergency Room physician by day (and night), but a musician at heart, I have been playing in bands since middle school.  Although I have played with all sorts of bands in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and now Colorado the last 5 years, the ones I have enjoyed the most always have a funk, jazz or blues flavor and I enjoy bringing these elements into my playing style.  Joining this project has been challenging and truly enjoyable.  Steely Dan has a wide variety of music and styles from not only the great writing of Becker/Fagan, but also because of the wide variety of other artists that they utilized in the studio to make each song unique.  With the other talented players in this project, I’m sure that the audience will enjoy our show as much as we enjoy playing it.  It is truly great and timeless music.

Tony Trahan


Tony’s musical journey began at birth, born in Lafayette Louisiana in1961 his Cajun roots run deep. His Grandfather lead the way, he was a multi instrumentalist in various Cajun bands in the 20’s and 30’s and although he passed away in 1949 it was only a matter of time before stories about him were passed down. While growing up there was always music playing around the house, his Parents played a wide variety of music like Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Herb Albert, Willie Nelson, Elvis Presley The Beatles and Clifton Chenier,  this would prove beneficial to his musical growth.

…… Then came Jimi Hendrix, well that changed everything and naturally the only instrument to want was a guitar so he got one for his Birthday at the age of 14 and hasn’t set it down since.

Although Hendrix was his main influence he also was influenced by lots of other music that came into being during the 70’s, then his ear would turn to progressive Rock, Jazz/Fusion and in a roundabout way get into the Blues.

Tony has played and toured the States and Europe with various Rock, Cajun, Blues and Zydeco bands in Louisiana before relocating to Colorado in 95′ and when he arrived on the music scene here and it wasnt long before he began playing some of that good ole Louisiana Roots Music on the stages of Colorado. Tony has lead a band on the front range for over 16 years and has recorded several CD’s including a CD with the current band BlueKrewe of all his original music that reflects his growing up in the Cajun Culture.

He has many influences, but some are Albert King, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, John McLaughlin, Larry Carlton, Jeff Beck, Miles Davis, George Benson, Jimi Page and Jimi Hendrix. Tony says when the opportunity came up to join a world class Steely Dan Tribute band, it felt like everything was coming together.

Dave Hicks


Originally a guitarist, Dave moved to bass early on to fill the void and neverlooked back. With his degree in Music earned from CU, Dave has been involved in local music as a teacher and player for years. There are no forms of music he doesn’t enjoy and embrace as a valid art form! Steely Dan has always been a favorite of Dave’s, as it represents a challenge to recreate faithfully, and it sounds so good!

Chet Marino


Originally from Upstate New York, Chet Marino started playing drums as a youth, later going to college as a music major. He enjoys a wide variety of music and has played in jazz, funk, rock and contemporary Christian bands – played on recordings, off-Broadway musicals and other musical projects. His early drummer influences were Steve Gadd, Tony Williams and Lenny White.

Kurt Eherenman


Kurt started playing the saxophone in the 4th grade.  He continued playing through high school, earning lead chairs in concert and jazz band, and achieved Colorado state honors for music performance along the way. In college, Kurt played lead alto in the top jazz ensembles at the University of Colorado, Metro State College, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  During these years, Kurt had been involved in independent jazz and funk musical projects.

Kurt continues to play lead alto with a 20-piece jazz orchestra, known as the Colorado Jazz Workshop, the 5-piece jazz quintet Flatirons Jazz and a 11-piece funk band called Mass Hipsteria.

Dan Wiske

Dan Wiske


A native of Colorado, Dan grew up in a musical family and started playing trumpet in 4th grade.  After playing in various city wide and honor bands, Dan played very little for the next 30 years.  But lo and behold, and incredible opportunity came his way.  To be able to play great music, with great musicians (and even better people), Dan feels very fortunate to have a reason to blow the horn again.  


Tom Henderson


Tom has been playing saxophones since the late 70’s in a variety of jazz, blues, funk, and classical bands, combos, and pit orchestras in Southern California and Colorado. As a fan of Steely Dan since high school, Tom jumped at the chance to play with this group of highly-talented musicians who are so committed to re-creating the Steely Dan sound in live venues. It is truly a pleasure to play with musicians who listen so well. If you come to hear us and it looks like we’re having way too much fun, well we are.

Gail Harris


As a native of Colorado, Gail has grown up performing on stages across the Denver Metro area.  Gail graduated from UNC Greeley,  where she focused on music education, and jazz. Gail has performed in the pit orchestra at BDT Stage for the past five years,  and can also be found performing as the Principal Trombonist with the Thornton Community Band.  However, jamming out with Citizen Dan, is when there is “no static at all.”