Citizen Dan is the culmination of talent, dedication and obsession of a dozen brothers and sisters in groove. Theirs is a shared vision of a world where there is always “gas in the car, you don’t want to call nobody else and there is absolutely no static at all”. Bringing together a world-class line-up of musicians paying homage to the songwriting team of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, Citizen Dan performs straight-up Steely Dan arrangements with spot-on accuracy.

“You can’t pull off a Steely Dan Tribute without great players and this band is loaded. The same attention to detail that Fagen and Becker put into the making of their records, Citizen Dan has crafted into the forming of this top notch band. It’s remarkable to play with this degree of professionalism and have as much fun as they do! “

-Steven Strassman/Grammy Award Winning Audio Engineer

“Great show at Jazz at Jacks last night. HUGE Steely Dan fan, and you guys were great. Tough band to cover, especially the spot on Donald Fagen vocals! Will definitely make your next gig.”

-B. H.

“What a great show last night at Nissi’s. The band has really come into it’s own. The new members have brought a higher level of skill and style to an already terrific band. Thanks for sharing all YOUR energy with us.”

-B. M. R.

“After last night’s awesome show in Taos, I went back to YouTube and listened to some live Steely Dan – not to disparage Fagen, but Pete, you out sang him last night!”

-A. S.

“Your show in Taos last night was fantastic! I saw the Steely Dan tour at Red Rocks last summer and I think you guys were at least as good as the originals, It’s so great that you are bringing this music to a live audience. The vocals, the horns, and especially the guitar work was just superb. Loved every “musical number”, but especially “Don’t take me alive”. Thanks for the high level of musicianship. You rocked it hard!”

-T. T.

“You were fabulous last night! Bravo! During the sound check, I thought KTAO was playing a CD. . My former spouse did sound for Walter and Donald. Dawson Sound out of Boston . . .We hung out a bit.   They did not tour much …they were mostly a studio-recording group then…so great! Bravo!”

-S. R.